Solid Stave Walnut Kit DEMO VIDEO!!

This video was recorded using a single overhead microphone so the un-produced sound of the drums could come through. Tuning is low and fat to demonstrate the tremendous depth and tone of the stave constructed walnut shells.

Be sure and wear headphones or earphones while watching to the video to hear the true tone.

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drums standard features the hd custom drums our drums comes with so many standard features it is hard to fit them all in one place Jazz Drummer Al Sergel plays HD Custom Drums We use Solid Aluminum Drum Lugs for all Hendrix Drums hd custom drums the differecnce solid aluminium lugs better resonance and lighter weight Our Stave Shells are made from solid wood with less glue hd custom drums the difference compare shells keller ply mm hd ply mm HD Custom Drums Solid Stave Drums Set Video made with single microphone