Standard Features

We offer more standard features on every drum that we build than just about anybody out there.

HD Custom Lugs

Aluminum Lugs milled from a Solid piece of aluminum are another reason that HD stands above the rest of the crowd. Alumimum drum lugs are lighter than brass lugs, and milled lugs resonate better than typical die cast ones; so we combined the two to produce the best possible lug for allowing your drum to resonate to its maximum potential. Visit the HD Lugs page to read more about them.

Perfect Bearing EdgeChoice of Edges

The bearing edge is one of the most important factors that will determine the overall sound of your drum. They are also the easiest part of a drum to mess up.

Cutting a bearing edge is a precise and meticulous process, and we take pride in taking our time to make sure your edge is 100% true and perfect! We cut bearing edges at HD with our custom built equipment designed specifically for cutting the perfect bearing edge! And each edge is tested on a machined granite slab to ensure that it is completely true.

There are several bearing edge styles that we commonly cut. We will help you choose the appropriate bearing edge based on the particular sound that you are aiming for or even what style of music you intend on using the drums for.

We will be happy to discuss what bearing edge will work the best for you during the ordering process.

"Our Screws Never Come Loose"Thread Cement

NO LOOSE SCREWS HERE.... As drummers, we know that screws only tend to come loose on drums at the worst possible time. Like just before a show when there is no screwdriver to be found and no time to remove the heads to retighten the screw. Well with your HD Custom Drums you will never have to worry about that again. Every screw, nut, and bolt on our drums is treated with our special Removable ThreadCEMENT. From the lug screws all the way down to the air vents. Basically, your hardware will never come loose no matter how hard you play or how much you tour!

Sleeved Washers

All of our drums come fitted with our very own Nylon SLEEVED WASHERS. Because of the protective sleeve there is never any metal on metal contact between the counter hoops and the tension rods. This ensures smoother tuning, longer lasting tuning, less metallic overtones, and and it keeps your hoops from getting damaged by the tension rods. These are made from high quality nylon, and will never break under high tension tuning. These washers are so loved by drummers, they are actually for sale in drum shops around the world! Visit to see more about them.

D.S.S. Mounting Systems

With your HD Custom Drum Kit you will always get our Drum Suspension System Mounts. This enables the drum to be mounted without drilling any unnecessary holes and without putting any external pressure on the lugs. So your drums can resonate freely and produce the absolute optimum sound. These mounts come fitted on all rack toms ordered with a kit. Floor toms have brackets and legs as standard.

Interior Shell Treatment

The interior of each of our drum shells is treated with our specially formulated sealer and conditioner made from the oils of an exotic tree (weird, I know). This not only makes the interior of your drum look great, but it also ensures they are protected from harmful moisture that can cause ply separation and warping over time. Our drums are built to last.

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