HD Lugs


The HD Lug, one of the biggest reasons our drums just sound better!

We thought long and hard about what type of lug we wanted to use as a staple for HD Custom Drums. In the end we decided that Solid Aluminum Lugs were the way to go. Here is why: Every piece of hardware that is placed on a drum shell hinders it from resonating to its full potential, and the heavier and the hardware the more of an effect it has on the drum's resonance. Aluminum Lugs are substantially lighter than the typical brass or steel lugs you will find on most every other drum kit, while still maintaining the necessary strength required to perform well.

We also decided that we wanted to use lugs milled from one solid piece of Aluminum as apposed to cast Aluminum. The science behind this decision is simple.  Solid lugs won't steal the energy from the resonating drum shell like die cast ones will. Here is why:  Sound energy  passes through a solid lug more effectively and quickly than through a cast lug which typically contains large air pockets. Air pockets slow down vibrations because more energy is required for sound to pass through air than through a solid, therefore the overall resonance of the drum shell is cut short, producing less vibrations and resonance.

We want our shells to sing as unhindered as possible, so in the end, solid aluminum simply made the most sense.

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drums standard features the hd custom drums our drums comes with so many standard features it is hard to fit them all in one place Jazz Drummer Al Sergel plays HD Custom Drums We use Solid Aluminum Drum Lugs for all Hendrix Drums hd custom drums the differecnce solid aluminium lugs better resonance and lighter weight Our Stave Shells are made from solid wood with less glue hd custom drums the difference compare shells keller ply mm hd ply mm HD Custom Drums Solid Stave Drums Set Video made with single microphone