Cherry Wood 14×6 Solid Stave Snare w/Satin Finish

Cherry Stave Snare Drum HD Custom Drums Hendrix Drums

Cherry wood has very warm and bright characteristics. This solid stave 1/4″ thick shell works well in just about any setting. It has a natural satin finish. Classy and simple.

Solid Stave Walnut 14×6 Black Burst Snare

Walnut Stave Snare Black Burst High Gloss with Die-Cast

If you are looking for a top of the line all around snare, this drum is it. The 1/4″ thick solid stave walnut shell gives this drum a huge tuning range with tons of tone and volume, as well as sensitivity and attack. This will quickly become your “go to” snare.

Green Monster Kit, 20″x20″, 12″x7″, and 16″x16″

Drum Set

This is a 3 Piece Maple Ply Kit in our Green Black Burst Satin Finish. Solid backline kit that can take some abuse.

Green Monster 14×6 Snare with Satin Finish

HD Custom Drums Hendrix Drums Snare Drum Maple Green

This is a 10 ply maple 14×6 snare drum with a Green Black Burst Satin Finish. This drum is rock solid, and the 14×6 is an excellent all around size.

Walnut Solid Stave Snare Drum with Black Burst

Walnut Stave Snare Drum HD Custom Drums Hendrix Drums

This drum has our high gloss finish over natural walnut. Simple and classy. This 14×6 solid stave walnut drum is one of the most versatile drums you can buy. It cuts through in live situations, has tons of tone for the studio, and has loads of depth which comes through at any tuning range. A great “go to” drum.

Tigerwood Stave Snare w/Matching Wood Hoops

Tigerwood Stave Snare Drum HD Custom Drums Wood Hoops 3

14×7 Tigerwood Stave Snare with matching wood hoops. This drum is loud, cutting, and very woody, with a killer rim shot and cutting cross stick. It has a high gloss finish and is made from our 1/4″ stave snare shell.

Stave Walnut, Black Burst Satin Finish, Wood Hoops

Walnut Stave Drum Set with Wood Hoops

This stave constructed walnut drum kit redefines what drums can sound like. The tone, clarity, and resonance that comes from these drums is out of this world. This kit has our thin milled stave shells and a black burst satin finish with painted maple wood hoops to match.

HD Custom Drums w/Johnny Rabb and Collective Soul

Johnny Rabb playing his HD Custom Drums live with the platinum selling group Collective Soul on their summer 2012 Dosage tour.

Custom Painted Maple

HD Custom Drums Maple Snare Custom Paint Job Striped

14″x8″ 10 Ply Maple snare with a custom striped paint job and black die cast hoops. This snare has a very wide tuning range and always has depth, no matter how high you tune it.  This drum is a workhorse that gets the job done in style.

Bubinga 13″x7″ Stave Snare Drum

HD Custom Drums Hendrix Drums Bubinga Stave Snare Drum High Gloss

13″x7″ African Bubinga Stave Snare Drum with a natural to black burst high gloss finish and S-Hoops. This snare has lots of crack and presence. Bubinga is a very dense wood, so it provides lots of attack and a moderate amount of ring. This snare will cut through any music. Seeing as its new owner primarily plays Metal, it works perfectly.

Johnny Rabb’s Maple Ply Kit for Collective Soul Tour

Johnny Rabb HD Custom Drum Set Kit Hendrix Drums Silver Glass Glitter Wrap

10×8, 12×9, 14×14, 16×16 and 22×15. Johnny Rabb came to us when he was booked to go on the road with the Platinum Selling group “Collective Soul.” He wanted a durable reliable workhorse of a set that we could whip up in a few short weeks that would look great on stage. So we built him a maple ply kit wrapped in a stunning Silver Glass Glitter Wrap.

Johnny Rabb’s Walnut/Wenge Stave Snare Drum

HD Custom Drums Johnny Rabb Snare Drum Stave Walnut Segmented Hoops

14″x6″ American Black Walnut stave shell with exotic Wenge accent staves surrounded by Maple Pinstripes. This drum was built for and designed with the legendary Johnny Rabb. He wanted a great all around drum to use, and this is what we came up with. Between the segmented wood hoops and the Equalizer Snare Wires, this drum is sensitive, loud, and full of body.

Walnut Stave Snare Drum w/Segmented Wood Hoops

HD Custom Drums Walnut Stave Snare Drum Segmented Wood Hoops Main

14″x6″ American Black Walnut stave snare drum. Walnut is becoming a very popular choice for drummers today, and if you heard this drum you would know why. The segmented wood hoops add lots of body to this shell, and also enhances the natural woody tone. The hoops are walnut with maple tops to increase their durability. This is the first drum to bear the new HD Badge.

Deep Low Gloss Black Maple Ply Drum Kit

Black Maple HD Custom Drum Kit Ryan Morris

Deep Low Gloss Black Maple Ply 3 Piece Kit with a hand rubbed oil finish to give it that deep shine. Stained to leave the wood grain showing. 12″x9″ Rack Tom, 16″x15″ Floor Tom, and 24″x16″ bass drum.  This kit is going straight into the studio with the new owner.

African Bubinga Stave Snare Drum

RS Buginga Stave Snare Drum 14x8 Main

14″x8″ African Bubinga stave snare drum. Bubinga has very interesting sound characteristics, it is a very hard wood so it has natural crack and projection, though it still maintains a lower fundamental tone like a softer wood does. This combination of characteristics is making Bubinga a very popular wood choice for drummers today.

Black Brass 13″x7″ Snare Drum

HD Custom Black Brass Snare Drum 13 x 7

13″x7″ Black Brass snare drum.  This snare might only be 13″ but it will split your head in two with its crack! Brass snares have been a standard in the industry for a long time, and when you hear this snare you would know why. It is fitted with tube lugs and an RCK strainer, the new standard strainer for all HD Custom Snare drums.

Maple Ply Satin Finish

Scaled Broken Down Pic 1

Maple Ply 3 Piece Kit with a Hand Rubbed Oil Satin Stain Finish and brushed aluminum lugs. Sweet and Simple. 10″x9″ Rack Tom, 16″x16″ Floor Tom, and 20″x20″ bass drum.

Cherry Stave Snare Drum Demo

Here is a quick clip of David Olinger in the studio recroding his upcoming album. This is a rehearsal take featuring an HD Custom Cherry Stave Snare Drum.

Cherry Wood Stave Snare Drum

Scaled Cherry Stave Snare Drum Main

14″x6″ Cherry wood stave snare drum with contoured wood hoops. The soft cherry wood shell give this drum a very low warm natural tone, and the wood hoops add even more warmth. The solid stave shell also provides for lots of projection when you hit hard. This is a great all around snare. Check out the demo video!

Solid Stave Walnut Kit DEMO VIDEO!!

This video was recorded using a single overhead microphone so the un-produced sound of the drums could come through. Tuning is low and fat to demonstrate the tremendous depth and tone of the stave constructed walnut shells. Be sure and wear headphones or earphones while watching to the video to hear the true tone.

Walnut Stave Snare Drum

Walnut Stave Snare Drum HD Custom Drums

14″ x 6″ Walnut Stave Snare Drum in our Midnight Harvest Fade High Gloss finish with contoured Wood Hoops. The crack and body of this snare makes it perfect for any musical style. You will love this drum.

Walnut Stave Kit

This is the final product. These drums sound soo good, they don't look bad either.

Solid walnut Drum Kit. Stave constructed shells in our Midnight Harvest Fade with a juicy high gloss finish. Sizes are 22×18, 10×9, 12×9, 14×14, and 16×16.  These drums sound better than any drums we have ever heard. Check out the demo video!

Paper Tongues Live playing HD Custom Drums!

These guys ROCK HARD! This is Jordan Hardee of Paper Tongues gettin it done on his HD Custom Drum Kit.

Custom Painted with Brass Hardware

Main Kit

Custom Painted Maple Drum Kit with a smooth gloss finish. 24″x20″ Bass Drum 13″x9″ Rack Tom 16″x14″ Floor Tom 18″x16″ Floor Tom